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Tell your story with custom printed booklets.

To create more buzz, these custom booklets are an effective and organized way to share information with customers. Hand out at events and trade shows to give potential customers your contact information or pack them with giveaways to let people know about new products or sales.

With full-color booklet printing you can tell people all about your business, guide clients through sales pitches or create a catalog of product listings.

Getting Started With Your Booklet

We offer many customizable options to help you create the best booklets for your business.

Saddle Stitch

Uses two staples in the booklet’s folded spine. This allows your booklet to open flat at the center. Ideal for booklets with minimal pages.

Spiral – Wire Binding

Uses wire binding through a row of punched holes. Suitable for booklets that require everyday use.

Perfect Binding

Gluing the pages together to the cover’s spine, giving your booklets a polished look. The minimum page count for perfect binding is 48 pages.

Count Pages, Not Sheets

Choose from 8 to 96 pages. Be sure to include 4 cover pages in your total page count.

You can choose full-color printing on all pages of your custom booklet (cover page and inside pages), or black and white printing for the inner covers and inside pages.

​Booklets to Boost Your Business

Use your booklet’s generous amount of space wisely by following these helpful tips.

​Leave space for binding

Keep this in mind while designing the pages of your booklet. Leave enough room for the binding so important information or artwork will not be cut off. This is especially important for perfect binding as images or text that are too close to the spine may be difficult to see.

​Use high resolution Images

Avoid blurry booklet pages by providing high-resolution images and a layout that is at least 300 dpi.

​Choose the right paper and cardstock for your pages

Heavier stocks are more luxurious, but using too many pages of thick cardstock may cause your booklet to stay open—especially with saddle stitching. Ideally, inner pages should be thinner than cover pages, which need to be durable.

Choose a high gloss finish to make your designs look vivid and select matte if you prefer a more modern, elegant look for your custom printed booklet.

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